One Eyed Cat Update November 2021

One Eyed Cat has a new location. We can't wait to join them for a beer on Main Street in Williamsville this Spring. Listen to the update here.
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Featured Guest

Brian and Patrick of OECB

Brian and Patrick of OECB

Owner/Brewers One Eyed Cat

It’s been a long time since One Eyed Cat showed up on the scene, and yet, with multiple setbacks, they haven’t had a space to show for it. So after years of pop-ups, festivals, events, and any other chance they could use to pour their beers, they have finally landed on Main Street in Williamsville. The Buffalo Beer League and WNY Brews took a ride to the former “Pairings Wine Bar” to see the new home of One Eyed Cat. And a home they found, complete with a living room, bar, and outdoor patio with a fire pit. There’s a coziness to the new space that OECB is eager to take advantage of when they open next Spring.

In this episode, we taste some beers, talk about business philosophy, and whatever else pops into our heads while drinking thirteen percenters.

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This episode features Brian, Scott, Mark, and Jesse from The Buffalo Beer League and Brian and Patrick from One Eyed Cat Brewing.