BJCP Style Guidelines Audio

The Beer Judge Certification Program (BJCP) Style Guidelines have been used for decades to categorize traditional beer styles and help brewing competitions judge the various styles that are submitted each year. This is an audio version, read straight from the source text, without comments or interpretation.

Intended to be a study resource. 

These recordings are sanctioned by The BJCP and offered without ads. If you find these recordings being sold anywhere, please let me know at

Why are you recording the BJCP Style Guidelines?

I’m primarily an auditory learner and I retain information much better when I hear it. I wasn’t able to find an audio version without a whole podcast episode around it, so I started recording them for myself. I assume others are the same way, so I’m sharing them.

Do you have permission to record them? Can I legally download them?

Yes and yes. I have been granted permission from the BJCP as long as I follow a few rules:
-I can’t charge for them.
-I let you know that the BJCP holds the copyrights.
-I don’t put the text transcripts on the website…which is why you won’t find them.
-I give them the recordings to use as they see fit.

How much do the recordings cost?

Free. If you see anyone charging for these recordings please email me at

Can I download them all at once?

Yes and no. Every once in a while, I’ll update the master file, but certainly once I finish, I’ll put a single zip files up.

Will these update if there's a new style guidline?

That’s the goal.