Beerology & The Brewers Invitational

are two of my favorite events of the year. The local breweries seem to save their special beers and on-offs for these two events in the beginning of the new year.

Beerology is a fundraiser for the Buffalo Museum of Science featuring local and regional craft beer after normal museum hours. My wife, kids, and I love the museum, we’re there multiple times a month and even more in the summer, so the first time I went to Beerology it was somewhat surreal to see grown adults, in various levels of inebriation, enjoying the exhibits. It’s the kind of event that bring beer-snobs, casual craft-beer lovers, and the Labatt drinkers out in equal force. The local brewers generally bring a seasonal or one-off beer, and the local homebrew clubs set up experiments to test out brewing myths or to explore ingredients in a deeper way.

This year, I’m bringing interviews with the local clubs to describe their experiments.

The second half of the episode is from New York Beer Project for the BNBA Brewers Invitational. This is another of my favorite events where the brewers seem to bring their best and newest creations. On this episode we have a Pączki beer, a Manhattan beer, some killer NEIPAs and some local favorites that have been on hiatus.

If you’ve never been to this event, check out the BNBA Events page for details next year, it’s worth it.

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