Ellicottville Brewing Company is proud to announce the launch of their new Cherry Wheat Ale, which will be available year round in 6-pack cans. The beer will be available in Wegmans, Tops, Dash’s Marketplace, and Consumers Beverages.

The brand new Cherry Wheat Ale is a sweet dark cherry ale, balanced and natural, with a lovely aroma. The ale has a light touch of tartness followed by subtle hints of vanilla, and a crisp, smooth finish.

The inspiration behind this beer came from a reminiscent conversation about how prominent Cherry Wheat beers used to be in WNY; nowadays, Cherry Wheat beers seem absent around the area.

“Recently I was out with friends in South Buffalo and we got to talking about how there were no Cherry Wheat beers around lately on any taps,” EBC’s President and Founder, Peter Kreinheder says. “We reminisced about how we enjoyed a variety of cherry wheat beers just a few years ago and how Cherry Wheat was such a popular beer style in Western New York. I knew right then, we could fill that void because of our successful portfolio of fruit-forward beers going back 10+ years. So I decided ‘let’s see what our head brewer Dan can come up with for a Cherry Wheat’. And he came up with something fantastic. Nailed it. We’re very excited for this release.”

Cherry Wheat Ale is only one of the several delicious fruity beers that EBC brews. You can find our delectable Blackberry Kolsch Ale, Strawberry Crunch Bar Cream Ale, Blueberry Wheat Ale in stores around Western New York.

For more information, visit www.ellicottvillebrewing.com or follow us on Instagram @ellicottvillebrewing.