Marquee Brewing, a Portville-based craft brewery that specialized in flavored hard sodas, has officially closed their doors, after nearly a year in business. They opened for business in July 2023.

Owner Cory Clark made the announcement via social media, saying the decision to close came from, simply, a lack of customers.

“It’s been fun, but now we’re done,” the social post reads. “It’s with great sadness that I must announce the closure of Marquee Brewing. In trying to understand why we didn’t make it, I’ve thought of a thousand reasons, but the only one that matters is we just don’t get enough people to come through the doors.”

Marquee Brewing occupied the former Portville Pharmacy building, specializing in uniquely flavored hard sodas, as well as craft beer, including some from nearby Four Mile Brewing. Among their offerings were hard sodas flavored with spiced pineapple (Halos N Horns), concord grape (Planet of the Grapes), a favorite of this writer, tamarind ginger (Spice Invader), rhubarb ginger (Hellbender Blitz) and root beer (Sarsaparilla Gorilla), among others. They also offered hand-crafted non-alcoholic sodas.

“I am so grateful to my wife and family, my parents, the Van Curens, the Milnes, my employees and everyone that we have shared a moment with over drinks or food,” Clark continued in a post announcing the closure.

We’d like to wish Cory and his team at Marquee the best of luck in the future.

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