Introducing a brand-new beer that is New York tough: Hop State of Mind Cream Ale.

Created, brewed and sourced in New York State, Hop State of Mind Cream Ale is yet another example of New Yorkers being stronger together. Genesee Brewing partnered with 2020 NYS Craft Competition Governor’s Cup Winner, Big aLICe, and a 32-acre, family-owned and operated hop yard, Chimney Bluffs Hoppery, on its latest release.

A Big aLICe spin on Genesee’s classic Cream Ale, Hop State of Mind Cream Ale will be available on draft only at the Genesee Brew House starting Tuesday, October 13 at 11 a.m.

The beer can be enjoyed on tap at the Brew House or taken to-go in growlers and crowlers. For every three-pack of crowlers purchased, fans will receive a Hop State of Mind Cream Ale pint glass while supplies last, and the first 100 people to pick up their orders at the Brew House will receive a limited-edition poster.

Hop State of Mind Cream Ale is a cream ale base bittered with Columbia hops and dry-hopped with Cashmere. It’s incredibly clean and crushable, and a truly unique collaboration.

Genesee and Big aLICe have both worked with Chimney Bluffs Hoppery to source local, high-quality hops for small batch beers. The Hoppery’s VP of sales and marketing, Kara Johnston, had the idea for the two breweries to collaborate on a New York State beer.

“We supply New York-grown hops to breweries across the state and when I made the connection between Genesee and Big aLICe, I knew I was on to something,” said Johnston.  “At Chimney Bluffs Hoppery, we are dedicated to supporting New York State breweries by growing a variety of traditional and unique hops, providing brewers the opportunity to explore the boundaries of their craft.”

NYC-based Big aLICe brewer, Jon Kielty, traveled to the Genesee Brew House to brew the new beer.

“Everything we do at Big aLICe is rooted in supporting community and this state we all love so much. We love working with New York-grown ingredients and collaborating with our fellow New York State brewers,” said Kielty. “We were so excited when Kara and Dean reached out to us with this collaboration idea as it ties together so many things we’re passionate about. To brew a twist on a beer that is so iconic here in New York, with a brewery with such a rich history, has been a high point for us as brewers.”

Kielty and Genesee Brew House brewmaster Dean Jones brewed Hop State of Mind Cream Ale on the 20-barrel pilot batch system in the Brew House.

“We love collaborating with other New York State breweries and suppliers, so getting to come together and make an all-New York collaboration was a dream!” said Dean Jones. “Big aLICe makes a solid beer with their Hop State of Mind series, and we knew it would mash up nicely with Genny Cream Ale base. I love this beer and I love getting to work with super talented and passionate people from across the state to make something so great.”

In the continued spirit of the New York State collaboration, the beer’s unique crowler label was hand drawn by Syracuse based illustrator, Randy Hadzor. Hop State of Mind Cream Ale will be available on draft at the Genesee Brew House starting October 13 and throughout the remainder of the fall.