First Line Brewing has announced plans to officially open their taproom, located at 4906 S. Buffalo Street in Orchard Park, in August. They have received their final license from the state and plan to announce their official opening date in the next few weeks.

The brewery’s mantra is “crafting high quality specialty brews that honor America’s Heroes.”

“Our small scale production allows us to be creative and to bend the rules with experimental recipes that drive our constant tap rotation,” the brewery says. “We aim to create a culture that marries the love for ones country with the love of beer; where American drinkers can go and enjoy a cold glass of beer.”

First Line also says that they have partnered with numerous charities to give back to “the real American Heroes” and that every month they will brew a different designated charity beer and donate a portion of proceeds to the cause.

Once they open, First Line Brewing will become Western New York’s 40th brewery.

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