The Genesee Brewery recently announced a shift to eco-friendly, sustainable ring carriers on all six packs of 12 oz. and 16 oz. cans of Genesee beer. These carriers are now made using 50% post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastic and break down when exposed to UV light.

“At Genesee, we are always looking for ways to mitigate our impact on the environment. Shifting to more sustainable packaging is a step forward,” said Mike Duemmel, director, Genesee Brewery. “We will continue to look at innovative solutions to decrease our waste. We have aspirations to become a zero-waste facility and continue to make small, but meaningful improvements in sustainability.” 

The carriers are produced by Hi-Cone, a leading supplier of multi-packaging systems for beer, soft drink, and general products industries around the world. The company plans to deliver a 100 percent recyclable, compostable, or biodegradable alternative for ring carriers by 2025.

Genesee Brewing Co. is part of FIFCO USA, a triple bottom line company committed to improving its environmental footprint with a focus on reducing its use of water and energy, while decreasing carbon emissions and diverting waste to landfills. Each year, FIFCO USA measures a number of environmental factors in its brewing and manufacturing operations and sets goals to reduce impact. In addition, FIFCO USA uses volunteerism and investment to help deliver positive contributions to the environment, like reducing litter, promoting clean waterways, restoring natural habitats, planting trees and plants, and enhancing nature for its employees, partners and consumers.