The people have spoken! After an electrifying campaign and more than 10,500 Genesee fans flocking to the local polls, the moment we’ve all been waiting for has arrived. Genesee is thrilled to announce the winner of its first ever specialty beer chosen by fan votes! Drumroll, please… Your brand-new Genesee Specialty beer is Citrus Pils!

Aptly named after the winning flavor profile, winter citrus, Citrus Pils is a pilsner-style ale that delivers bright flavors of tangerine and lime. Citrus Pils will be available in 12 packs of 12-ounce cans the first week of November.

“We are so excited for the community to get their hands on the beer that they helped create,” said Tiffany Benning, brand manager for Genesee. “As we head into winter, Citrus Pils will offer a bright and refreshing drinking experience during a frosty time of the year.”

Chosen by the People, for the People

The “Genesee for ‘23” campaign, promoted a crowd-sourced approach to choosing the next Genesee Specialty beer. This was the first time Genesee lovers were able to cast their vote and influence Genesee brewers at work. Citrus Pils will sit on the Genesee Specialty line next to fan favorite, Ruby Red Kolsch. “Citrus Pils is kind of like the winter cousin of Ruby Red,” said Benning. “Out of 10,500 votes, this flavor won by a land slide. Genny fans can’t seem to get enough of our citrus beers!”

In addition to the months long voting campaign, Genesee launched an interactive teaser activation across its social media channels. Sleuthing fans were led to a tricky cypher, allowing them to be a part of solving the mystery and figuring out the winning flavor. “We wanted this process to be as fun and engaging as possible,” said Benning. “We cannot wait to see you enjoying YOUR beer! Be sure to raise your glass and tell us what you think!”

Citrus Pils will be available across NY, PA, NC, VA, MA, FL, MD, NJ, VT and OH.

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