The New York Cider Association has announced the full launch and rollout of the first of its kind NY Cider Mark. The mark was created by NYCA members to educate hard cider consumers, promote the quality of NY Cider, and increase desire for NY State agricultural products and apples.

NYCA members place the collective mark on their labels of hard cider to indicate their hard cider is made with 100% NY state apples and is a 100% NY state agricultural product. Consumers, chefs, bartenders, bottle shop owners, distributors, and all those participating in building the NY State Hard Cider Industry are encouraged to simply “look for the apple!”

“New York Cider and our members continue to lead the way in the hard cider category! This collective mark is a true reflection of the deep roots that NY Cider has to our state’s agricultural and apple industry. When consumers look to choose a hard cider and they see this mark, they’ll know they’re supporting their local agricultural economy and the cider they’re enjoying is made from 100% NY State Apples,” says Scott Ramsey, executive director, New York Cider Association.

Directly tied to New York’s agricultural cash crop of apples, hard cider in New York has seen an
unprecedented growth explosion of over 2400% over the past ten years and now has a $1.7 billion total economic impact to the NY state agricultural economy. With over 125 licensed producers making over 5 million gallons of cider every year, New York continues to lead the country in the number of active cideries and is second for apple growers in this country.

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