If you’ve been to a Buffalo Beer Festival in the past year, there’s a good chance that you’ve run into Jonah Epstein or his crew asking for votes in a beer poll. It’s been close to a year and the votes are finally tallied.

What started as an idea in High School, and fleshed out in college, has become Jonah’s reality; My City Brew is finally on the verge of brewing Buffalo’s Beer!

The Concept:

Allow Buffalo residents to choose what kind of beer they want to drink and brew it for them. It’s a direct democracy in beer. This is obviously different from a more-traditional path in the sheer numbers of opinions gathered. Not just content with consulting a few trusted voices and market trends, this beer is chosen by the consumers before it exists.

The Result:

After over 8000 votes, in two rounds, Buffalo beer drinkers voted for a dunkel. A dunkel is a dark German lager which tends to lean towards a malt-forward aroma and flavor, but still balanced and highly drinkable.

Jonah has tapped Drew Hardin from CBW to help bring the style to life in an upcoming tasting event to help narrow down the recipe even more.

To vote for the name, go to http://MyCityBrew.com/vote

Want John’s water spreadsheets with the Buffalo numbers filled in?

You can find the empty spreadsheets at his website HowtoBrew.com, or sign up for the mailing list on the right and I’ll email you the version with our numbers already plugged in, and suggested adjustments for Burton on Trent and Vienna water profiles.

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