Episode 5

This week, I’m laying out my TOP TEN ONLINE HOMEBREWING TOOLS!

I didn’t name the episode that because it sounds spammy…plus it ended up being more than 10 sites. Also, they’re not all “tools” unless you count knowledge as a tool. I do count knowledge as a tool and lots of people tell me I’m a tool. They’re probably right, but in a “wears dad-shorts and a polo shirt all summer long” kind of way.

I started by drinking a Southern Tier Tangier. It’s a great beer that’s light and citrusy. It’s a session IPA and reminds me of my favorite beer: Flower Power. It’s a newer offering from Southern Tier, so go seek it out and enjoy. You can follow my drinking on Untappd.com/user/WNYBrews

On to the list. These are in no particular order:


Mr Malty is an online yeast calculator to help you pitch a healthy amount of yeast. Find out how many viles or packs you need or if a starter would help you out. (Look out for a bad O.G. joke)


Beersmith is a software program that helps you design beers, has useful calculators and reference materials. They also have a DVD series with Brad Smith (The creator of Beer Smith) and John Palmer.


Brewers Friend is similar to Beersmith, in that it’s a program that helps you design beers, has calculators and tools, and reference materials. Brewers Friend is an online program, where beersmith is offline. Both offer apps on Android and IOS.


They scour the web to find deals on homebrewing equipment or ingredients. It’s like Woot but specifically for homebrewing, so it’s much better.


Brewing how-to videos with good production and trusted experts.


The official AHA website with recipes, tutorials, information, homebrew club info, etc. They have a tremendous amount of info here including the current laws governing homebrewing in your state. You can get a subscription to their magazine, or browse the forums. (note, on the podcast I said I was a member. I was wrong, I had my associations confused, which would explain why I haven’t been getting the magazine I guess? So if you haven’t joined yet, me neither, let’s both do it this week.)


A homebrewing wiki that people can update or add too. Also run by the AHA.


John Palmer’s book in blog form. Everything in the book, but online for free. If you’re the kind of person I am and want to actually hold the book, check out Amazon, or check out episode 4.


A very active homebrewing forum. Any problem you’ve run into while brewing has probably been addressed on this forum. I AM a supporting member ($20 a year) because it’s a tremendous resource for tips, suggestions, or trouble-shooting.


An online beer style guide. It’s really well made and very informative. It’s fun to get lost in for hours at a time.


Frequently updated and immensly useful, WNYCraftBeer.com is the blog that put out WNY Craft Beer Magazine that you’ve probably seen at local beer spots. They go fast when their out, so check out Consumers or the local breweries when they put out a new issue. Until then, check out the blog. I’m not affiliated with them, I just respect their writing and mission very highly.

Until next week, Cheers