Setting up a Kegerator…

can be a daunting process. The people at KegWorks can help. This week Christopher Universal from KegWorks discusses draft line cleaning and setting up your kegerator for the first time. Here are some quick takeaways:

  1. You don’t need to go expensive, but beware of certain brands (one of them is in my house)
  2. Leave your newly inserted keg to settle overnight
  3. Foaming can be caused by many issues
  4. Clean your lines whenever you change styles of beer.

For more info on specifics, keep reading below the break…

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About the guest: Christopher Universal

This bio is taken from the January 2015 edition of the KegWorks Newsletter. Follow the above link and scroll to the bottom to join their list if you wish to receive updates from them directly.


Chris Universal

(Yes, that is his real name)


Drink Specialist/Homebrewer/Draft Beer Account Representative*


Left Hand Milk Stout

Chris is an avid homebrewer who got started with his first batch about 4 ½* years ago. Since then, he’s spent countless hours perfecting his craft, honing his skills, and broadening his understanding of the homebrew process. “To me, brewing my own beer is like being a chef. I mean, I love beer and going to the store to buy a craft six-pack is like going out to a great restaurant. But, at some point, you get sick of eating out and you want to make your own.”

Chris is always happy to talk shop about home brewing. Feel free to ask him about the grain bill you need to brew five different kinds of pale ale or what it was like to help work on gigantic 550 gallon batches of brew at Pearl St.

*Added to reflect his current information

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