Community Beer Works' 8th Anniversary Show

Community Beer Works’ 8th Anniversary Party had to be postponed indefinitely due to COVID-19, so we got together via Zoom and shared our favorite CBW stories and beers. 

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Featured Guest

Ethan Cox

Ethan Cox

Owner/Founder Community Beer Works

What do you do when a global pandemic cuts into your drinking plans? You adapt.
We’ve been looking forward to Community Beer Works’ 8th Anniversary party since last year’s anniversary party. Sadly, due to COVID-19, the party and all other beer events have been postponed indefinitely. So, rather than not drink, we decided to grab some CBW beer and talk our favorite memories from the past 8 years.

This episode features Brian, Scott, Mark, and Jesse from the Buffalo Beer League as well as Ethan Cox, one of the owners and founders of Community Beer Works. Ethan was incredibly gracious to join us and provide some British Whale for us to try on the podcast.

You can find Community Beer Works at and on Twitter and Facebook.