The Goodbar Episode w/ The BBL & Bobby Rabb

Even though we can’t go to Goodbar during the COVID-19 pandemic, we can still have a good time with some drinks from our own homes. Pour yourself a Chymes and pull up a stool.
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Featured Guest

Bobby Rabb

Bobby Rabb

Owner at Mister Goodbar

“We can’t go to Goodbar, but we can still get Goodbar drunk!” -Bobby Rabb

…and (spoiler alert) we did.

On this very special episode of WNY Brews, Mark, Jesse, Scott, and Brian reminisce with Bobby Rabb about their favorite times at Mister Goodbar. Bobby has been the owner since 2010 and has been around Goodbar for decades. The Buffalo Beer League boys almost go just as far back.

Scott M. of The Buffalo Beer League (not “Scotty” as you will hear) dropped off a bottle of Chymes to each participant’s house a few days before the recording, so it couldn’t possibly have gone any other way. Pop a Genny Cream Ale, pour a shot of Chymes, and pull up a stool with us.