The Buffalo Niagara Brewers Association

is an organizaion to promote Buffalo beer. Started in 2013, the group counts over 20 breweries and 80 bars/restaurants in their ranks. If you’ve run into them, it’s probably been at one of their many beer events throughout the year. They’re the brains behind Buffalo Beer Week, Buffalo Brewers Festival, Winter Brews and Blues, and the new Brewers Invitational on April 2nd at Pettibones Grill. You can find more info about it here. 

You can buy tickets here (only 200 available)

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The Brewers Invitational

BrewersInvitational 2016 768x501 1is coming up on April 2nd, and promises to be an interesting evening of rare and experimental beer. If you want to see how creative your local brewers can be, this is the event to attend. There are only 200 tickets available, and presumably some of them are gone already. The event runs from 2-5 pm at Pettibones at Coca-Cola Field and, of course, you must be over 21 to attend. You can buy tickets at

In this episode, Willard Brooks, the President of The Buffalo Niagara Brewers Association, talks about Buffalo as a beer city with an excitment that many of us feel when we’re tipping back a pint. They run many of the beer festivals around the area and that would be good enough, but they also make sure that Buffalo breweries have representation in the local scene so when you go out to a local bar, you’re not forced to drink macro all night.

If you’re not a brewer, but you still want to be part of the organization, you can check out The Buffalo Beer League on Facebook, or look for their new membership levels at