What have I been doing?

Besides the holidays and the general business that 2 kids cause, I’ve been working on Voice Over work, side-gigs, recorded an audiobook, AND have put time into the podcast, just not in a forward-facing way:

-I’ve been updating the site to be more secure

-Working on a searchable water database (send any local water reports you have to [email protected]

-Recording audio of some BJCP materials for personal study guides.

-Brewing a bunch.

-Working on a Grainfather review.

Two episodes a month until the summer

After summer, I would love to get back to doing an episode a week, but it’s hard to do with 2 kids and all the side-gigs I take on.

Two videos a month

Same with the episodes, except the videos take a little more time.

Get the blog moving

This is the big announcement. There are many home brewing blogs on the internet and some of them are great…some, are not. We have the collective knowledge in Buffalo to make a truly great one, but I need people to write or simply contribute







I want to keep it simple, so if you write an article, recipe, etc. for WNY Brews, you can monetize it however you’d like. If you want to run ads on it, all of that revenue goes to you. If you write an article that brings in hundreds of thousands of views, you make any advertising revenue from that page. I keep nothing. It’s not about building a media empire, it’s about building a resource and making it worth it for all involved.

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