A number of fundraising initiatives have popped up in the wake of the devastating fire that badly damaged Brickyard Brewing Company and the neighboring Brickyard Pub & BBQ in Lewiston, including Go Fund Me and Paypal pages, as well as a basket raffle at the Lewiston Artisan Farmers Market, but none have tasted this sweet. A number of Tim Hortons in Niagara Falls, the Town of Niagara, Wheatfield and Sanborn will soon be selling the Brickyard Donut, a frosted and sprinkle covered confection, to benefit employees of the brewery and the restaurant.

The Brickyard Donut goes on sale today and will be available all weekend.

“Last Tuesday, our friends at the Brickyard and BBC suffered a terrible loss by a fire that ravaged both buildings. We wanted to do something to help,” CRB Holdings Inc, who own and operate seven Tim Hortons Cafe and Bake Shops in the Niagara Falls area, said on Facebook. “Starting Friday June 5 thru Sunday June 7, we will be selling the Brickyard Donut for $1.49. Proceeds from the sales of the donut will go to the employees of the Brickyard and The BBC. Donuts can be purchased at all Niagara Falls area location.”

Brickyard owners Eric Matthews and Ken Bryan thanked all of the firefighters, EMTs, police officers and volunteers that helped battle and ultimately put out the blaze, as well as the Lewiston community and the staff that showed up to the fire to help lend their support.

“What started off as a bad dream late Tuesday night has quickly become our new reality. But with many tragic things, there is some sort of light. The love we have all felt is nothing short of amazing,” they said via Facebook. “Now that the dust has started to settle, and we plan our rebuild, we wanted to express our overwhelming gratitude to every fire department that showed up and worked tirelessly to save something that we and so many others hold dear to our hearts. Your hard work, sweat, determination and courage did not go unnoticed – and we will be forever grateful for every single firefighter, EMT, police officer and volunteer that was there on the scene.”

“As for our community, our friends, and our family we can’t thank you all enough for the love and support,” they continued. “Lastly, to our staff past and present that showed up within minutes of hearing about the fire: Thank you. You stayed by our side the entire night, and well into the morning as we watched what we built and love burn. We are beyond grateful no one was harmed that night. WE WILL BE BACK. BRICK BY BRICK.”

They added that they will be holding future events to sponsor those departments that helped them out when they needed it the most.

“We plan to hold a Brickyard / BBC catered event to sponsor each department once things are up and running for us again.”