Rudy Watkins Shares 4 Big Thin Man Beers

Rather than chasing the latest NEIPA release every week (Thin Man is still producing crazy good NEIPAs), Thin Man continues to try to brew some different and unexpected flavors. Listen as brewer Rudy Watkins talks me and The BBL through 4 (or 5) heavy hitter from Thin Man.

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Featured Guest

Rudy Watkins

Rudy Watkins

Brewer at Thin Man

Rudy Watkins makes beer people like. It’s getting easier to get Burning Money or Minkey Boodle everywhere from bottle shops to gas stations, and they’re understandably some of Thin Man’s best selling beers. Just behind the two juggernauts and the NEIPAs that everyone asks for, there are others that focus on forgotten styles, unique flavors, or amazing combinations

This episode features Brian, Scott, Mark, and Jesse from the Buffalo Beer League as well as Rudy Watkins, Head Brewer at Thin Man leading us through a freshly-canned Trial by Wombat, Spelunkenheimer Adambier, Double Helix Imperial Oat Pilsner and a Coconut Jenkins Imperial Stout. 

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