42 North Brewing Company has introduced its latest addition to its core beer line-up, Craftsman Lager. Craftsman Lager is a pale German-style Helles Bock that is medium bodied, features noble hops, and a
balanced malt flavor. And, at 4.8%, it is one of the most approachable beers in the 42 North line-up.

The Craftsman’s can release is slated for this June 6 at 42 North Brewing and will then be available everywhere starting next week through Buffalocal brands. You can pre-order online at theoutpost42n.com.

“Over the past few months, we have had many customers visiting us at our 42GO drive-through asking for an easy drinking, traditional lager,” stated John Cimperman, 42 North’s founder. “While we all love our IPA’s and sours, it’s also important to have an ‘everyday’ beer in the line-up.”

Craftsman Lager pays tribute to the arts and crafts legacy of 42 North’s hometown of East Aurora. From the artisan craftsmen at the Roycroft, to the DIY carpenters, East Aurora has a long and storied history in creativity and
craftsmanship. Whether you’re a woodworker, a painter, or a gardener, Craftsman Lager is a great compliment to your vocation and a just reward for a hard day’s work.

The Craftsman Lager can features a vintage map of the Village of East Aurora from 1908, as well as a nod to historic Roycroft Inn and its distinctive stained-glass windows.

Craftsman Lager is available in 12-ounce six packs at 42 North and select retailers throughout Western New York. Within New York State, the Craftsman Lager can also be purchased for home delivery at 42 North on-line store at http://theoutpost42n.com.