Pressure Drop Brewing will hold their first ever can release, their flagship mosaic IPA Sticky Trees, on Sunday, June 10, which might just be the freshest can release Buffalo has ever seen, because plans call for the beer to be canned right when as you order it.

Cans (16oz. 4 packs) will go on sale starting at 2pm on the loading dock of the Barrel Factory (next to the parking lot behind the building). There is no limit for this release, with approximately 50-60 cases available. Be sure to bring your ID if you’re under 35. And if you cannot make it down this weekend, and if there are any cans left to be had, 4 packs will be available in the Lakeward Spirits tasting room, aka Pressure Drops’ HQ.

Sticky Trees will be canned by Revolution Mobile Canning out of Geneseo (who Head Brewer Karl Kolbe speaks very highly of), who will set up shop in Pressure Drop’s brewhouse on Sunday morning. Then, according to Kolbe, after a few test runs, cans of Sticky Trees will be canned fresh to order while you wait.

“Who doesn’t want beer that is literally 30 seconds old?” Kolbe says. “I don’t see a reason not to do it. My philosophy on the West Coast IPA’s is the fresher the better. I feel that with a lot of the New England styles, you give those things 10 days, they get better, but not with West Coast IPAs.”

The label art, which you can see above, was created by local tattoo artist Craig Cheapé, which is something Kolbe is incredibly excited about. “All of the art for all of cans is from 100 percent local artists,” he says. “The Sticky Trees can art was done by a friend of mine, Craig Cheapé, a tattoo artist who works at Tattoo Don’s Nickel City, who I’ve known since I was six years old. We just rapped on the phone one night for ten minutes and he gave me exactly what I wanted three days later. I absolutely love the label; it’s so freaking dope.”

Kolbe adds that Cheapé will also be doing the artwork for Citra Screamer and that Strummer can artwork will be designed and created by Tara Steck, who works in the Lakeward Spirits taproom. “She’s an amazing artist,” he says. “I only want to use local artists for cans and I want all of them to be different.  They will all have a similar theme.”

If you’re unfamiliar with Sticky Trees, it has hints of grapefruit and citrus on the nose, with loads of dank resin to back it up. The beer is well balanced with a moderate ABV and low IBUs with that telltale West Coast crisp dry finish.

“It was a little bit of label art timing, it’s our best-selling beer by far and I absolutely love it,” Kolbe says of why Sticky Trees will fill the brewery’s first cans. “I have had people harassing me for cans of this beer for four months now. It’s a consistent beer for us to make as well.”

“I’m loving this idea [of canning],” Kolbe adds. “I’m just jazzed that people like my beer. I’m so humbled by the positive response to what we do, which makes it all worthwhile. It’s the most positive experience.”

Plans call for Citra Screamer Cream Ale to be canned next, followed by Strummer Belgian Blonde Ale. Kolbe says that they are thinking of also canning some one-offs down the line, like perhaps a future batch of Space Monkey DIPA (I was also privy to a taste of Space Monkey DIPA Episode II, which is now a hazy IPA, thanks to the addition of flaked oats and London Ale III yeast. It should be on tap in a week or so.). He says that canning will be sporadic in the future while they dial in a set schedule, adding that Buckstar Porter cans could also be released this fall.

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