On May 25, the best of the best in local mead will descend upon Depew as Nickel City Brewz hosts the first ever Meadfest (3pm).

The event will feature meads from Lilly Belle Meads, Queen City Meadery, Bee Spit Meadery, Wildflower Beverages, Three Bear Meadery and Illumination Meadery. Each will be pouring samples of their products and bottles and cans of the products will be available for purchase, along with crowlers of draft mead.

If you’re new to mead, its production is relatively simple, with three main ingredients: honey, water, and yeast, which are then fermented together. It can be crafted to suit a variety of tastes, from bone-dry and crisp to sweet and dessert-like. Additionally, the use of local honey, fruits, and spices allows for a connection to regional flavors and traditions.

There’s Traditional Mead, made solely from honey, water, and yeast, Metheglin (mead infused with herbs and spices), Melomel (mead that incorporates fruit), Cyser (made by fermenting a mixture of honey and apple juice or cider), and Pyment (a blend of mead and grape juice or wine).

Stay tuned to the event page for more information.

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