Beer occasions have shifted from nights out at the bar and large gatherings to kayak trips and socially distanced backyard barbecues. One thing that has stayed consistent from last summer to now is the beer Upstate New York is sipping on: Genesee’s Ruby Red Kolsch.

According to the Genesee Brewing Company, Ruby Red Kolsch has grown over 35 percent in the last year, making it now the second fastest growing beer brand in Upstate NY. From 2019 to 2020, Genesee increased the number of batches from four to 22 and in just three short years, the brand has grown 425 percent.

This is proof of the brand’s popularity across the region. In fact, the beer has become such a fan favorite that it has been spotted across social media on patios, fire pits, boats, golf carts, canoes and mountaintops. It has become a favorite “roll call” beer in beer groups and is often made into memes that exaggerate its popularity.

About Genesee Ruby Red Kolsch

Ruby Red Kolsch is a German-style, light grapefruit flavored summer beer that is considered crushable and affordable. The summer is available in 12-packs of 12-ounce cans. With its bright yellow, orange and blue packaging and lovable “Captain Kolsch” figurehead, Ruby Red Kolsch has built a cult-like following across the state, specifically in the brewery’s hometown of Rochester, NY where fans can be found touting Ruby Red Kolsch shirts, hats, DIY crafts, cornhole boards, thrones and tattoos.

“It’s been fun to see so many people find new ways to enjoy Ruby Red Kolsch this summer,” said Inga Grote-Ebbs, brand director, Genesee. “We’re happy to know that our Captain is social distancing across backyards and waterways all over.”

Distribution of Ruby Red Kolsch ended in July, with expectations to run out by the end of August.

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