Dreaming of sunshine, sports and ice-cold beer? Labatt has you covered… Labatt is eager to bring back its Parks and Rec program to Buffalo this spring!

After a wildly successful first year, with more than 30 adult rec teams sponsored and over $50,000 invested in community parks, Labatt is ready to do it all again! The Labatt Parks and Rec program will offer sponsorships for adult recreational teams, as well as micro-grants for the places people come together – community parks. Labatt will also host volunteer events to keep parks clean, updated and in repair.

“Winters are harsh, we’re all ready for some fun. We want to get our fans excited about knocking it out of the park with their teams this season,” said Inga Grote-Ebbs, brand director for Labatt USA. “We want to sponsor their teams AND clean up their parks!”

Interested adult recreational teams are encouraged to apply for a Labatt sponsorship now through April 28 at https://parksandrec.labattusa.com/. Selected teams will be awarded $500 to use toward league dues or any other team needs as well as limited edition Labatt Parks and Rec branded merchandise. The Labatt Parks and Rec website will showcase the teams, volunteer work and community investment in Buffalo.

Labatt is part of a company that embraces a triple bottom line approach to business.

“We know the awesome impact that’s made on our communities when we take care of our people and our environment,” said Jason Folaron, brand manager for Labatt USA. “We’re honored to have the opportunity to make an impact again this year.”

About Labatt Parks and Rec Grant Program

Labatt will invest in and revitalize the parks where communities gather, celebrate, and most of all, play! In its first year, the Labatt Parks and Rec program awarded over $50,000 in grants. This year, Labatt will continue that momentum by awarding more grants to parks and urban spaces in Buffalo to assist with revitalization needs. No need is too small! If awarded a Labatt grant, Labatt will organize volunteer opportunities for select green-space revitalization projects.

For more information, please go to: https://www.fifcousa.com/.