The first step to determine both the top craft beer and cider to be commercially produced for the 2024 Erie County Fair has been scheduled. Entry information for homebrewers and cider makers is now available at

The winning beverages that come out of these competitions have become an anticipated tradition at the Erie County Fair for craft beer and cider lovers alike. In addition to the opportunity to win a gold medal for excellence, the top entry in each competition will be named “Best in Show” and will be commercially produced for consumption at the Erie County Fair. Entries can start Apr. 1 with a deadline of Apr. 30.

The judging for the competitions will be based on creativity and not necessarily by style, so participants should take into consideration that consumption is in the summertime. All registered styles can be entered and judged, but the main criteria for the “Best of Show” will be “creative relevancy” or the most fun recipe to enjoy while being at the Fair. In addition to the winning recipes being commercially made for consumption at the Erie County Fair, a limited release of cans will also be produced.

A $25 entry fee allows for up to 5 entries in a submission and any New York State resident is eligible to enter these competitions. Judging is scheduled to take place in May. “Best of Show” will be selected through a blind-tasting panel made up of at least two certified master judges. Complete entry information including class list and guidelines are available at

Entries will be accepted with a copy of the entry form at The Fairgrounds Main Office, Hamburg Brewing Company (6553 Boston State Road, Hamburg) or Resurgence Brewing Company (55 Chicago Street, Buffalo) during their regular business hours until Apr. 30.

Once the “Best of Show” winners are determined, the recipes will be forwarded to the teams at Hamburg Brewing Company and Resurgence Brewing Company to commercially produce including a limited run of cans.  Try-It Distributing will distribute the finished products for public purchase at select Western New York retail outlets prior to the Fair. During the Erie County Fair, several on-premises locations will feature these award-winning beverages.

The judging of the homebrew and cider are just 2 of the many competitions held annually by the Erie County Fair. The wide range of ribbon-winning categories include but not limited to: Agriculture (Livestock), Creative Arts, Woodcarving, Flower Arranging, Lego Building, as well as Environment and Sportsmen, and Vegetable growing, just to name a few. Entry information for all classes in Competitive Exhibits, Livestock and Equine will be available at starting February 1st.  There is something for everyone! In 2024, 8 brand new competitions will be available to enter this year.  These competitions are a great way to show off your hobbies and possibly bring home that coveted blue ribbon or even a cash premium.

The 184th Erie County Fair will be held August 7-18. For more information, visit