Ruby Red Kolsch fans have something to celebrate in a new season with the release of Genesee Specialty Cran Orange Kellerbier. This refreshing, brand-new, fruit-forward, light brew will be available for a limited time in Rochester and across upstate NY starting next week.

Following the success of Ruby Red Kolsch as the #1 Flavored Beer 12-pack in NYS, Genesee Specialty is rolling out a refreshing fall beer in similar fashion.

“Cran Orange Kellerbier offers a new option for fans looking for the fun flavor and crushability of our beloved Ruby Red Kolsch through the cooler months,” said Jaime Polisoto, Genesee brand director. “This new Genesee Specialty family member has fall flavors without the heavy taste. We wanted to create a beer that is sessionable, smooth and fun to drink for bonfires, tailgates and apple picking this fall.”

Kellerbier is a style of lager first brewed in Germany that dates back to the Middle Ages. Kellerbier literally means “cellar beer” because it referred to any beer being aged under the brewery and served straight from the lagering vessel. Genesee Cran Orange Kellerbier is brewed with both the brewery’s German heritage and the beer’s history in mind, but with a modern twist: the addition of cranberry and orange flavors. The result is a bright, refreshing lager with delicious fruit flavors that complement a light malt body.

Fans can find Cran Orange Kellerbier in 12-packs of 12-ounce cans across upstate NY starting next week.