This week, I discuss a beer trip I recently took. We put together a tour of Buffalo brewing history and put a bus together to take a small group out for charity…then they never showed! So we did the tour to ourselves! I got to speak to Ethan Cox from Community Beer Works about his book. I also discuss The Buffalo Brewers Series cans from Big Ditch, Resurgence, and Community Beer Works.

Lastly, I talk about my kegerators and about kegging homebrew beer. {podcast id=8}

First of all, the Buffalo Brewers Series Cans are a great idea. It seems great to bring three of the best breweries in Buffalo together in one pack. I enjoyed all three selection, but I think An IPA from CBW was my favorite.

So I mentioned in the podcast that this week I visited CBW, Resurgence, Big Ditch, and Flying Bison and got a tour at the new Flying Bison location. Listen in to hear what I thought about it (I enjoyed it).

I researched a bunch of historical Buffalo Breweries in These two books:

 Buffalo Beer: The History of Brewing in the Nickel City (American Palate)

This is an Amazon link (affiliate link), but I suggest doing what I did and go to Community Beer Works, buy it direct from them, and get Ethan Cox to sign it (ask him politely, he seemed like a really nice guy!)

Rushing the Growler  

This is also the Amazon link, but I believe you can buy it (and should) from The Buffalo History Museum. There are also copies at multiple local libraries.

I also spoke about my kegerator(s)

Here is a link to my favorite (Click the image):


Here are also some pics of my setup:

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