A wise man once said “Malt is the heart of a beer…hops are the sex organs”

That wise man is Bob Johnson from Niagara Malt (www.NiagaraMalt.com

I’m joined this week by Bob Johnson from Niagara Malt and Ted Hawley from New York Craft Malt (www.NewYorkCraftMalt.com) to talk about yeast! (Does that count as a dad joke?). They’re both growing, harvesting, drying, and kilning malt right here in Western New York. They go through the process of malting and a quick local history of the brewing malt industry. You can currently find their malts at Niagara Tradition or you can go direct to New York Craft Malt if you’d like.

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About the guest: Ted Hawley and Bob Johnson

Bios from NewYorkCraftMalt.com and NiagaraMalt.com

Ted Hawley

Ted Hawley

New York Craft Malt

Research & Education:
Canadian Malting Barley Technical Centre – Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
June 2012, June 2013

Charter Board Member: Buffalo Niagara Brewer’s Association
Member: North American Craft Maltster’s Guild
Committee Member: Barley Initiative Committee (as appointed by Governor Andrew Cuomo)
Committee Member: Steering Committee to oversee Brewing Science Program at SUNY Morrisville
Member: Northeast Hops Alliance
Member: Northeast Organic Farmers Association
Member: New York Farm Bureau

Other Interests
New York State Rugby Referree
Drummer, “OSHA”

Bob Johnson

Bob Johnson

Niagara Malt

Our farm and malting operation is based at Cambria Vines N’ Bines on Lower Mountain Rd., Cambria NY. We aim to produce high quality, sustainably grown ingredients for craft brewers and distillers. We currently have approximately 1 acre of hops planted and have been using practices to become certified organic in 2015. Our on-site malting facility was designed to use water and energy efficiently.

We are ecologists by training, who care deeply about our impact on the Earth. We recognize that the decisions that we make as farmers impact our long-term use of the land, soil health and water quality; our agricultural practices are chosen to protect our resources.

To complete the loop, our barley nibs and undersized grain feed the chickens and hogs at Gormley Farms in Wilson, NY.

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Robert Johnson and Brenda Young
(Bio from www.NiagaraMalt.com)

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