I’m joined by Jason Johnson and Dean Wiensch from The Brewnology Podcast (www.Brewnology.com)…

to talk about switching over from drinking beer to evaluating beer. We also discuss the process of becoming a BJCP certified judge and about their podcast. It’s a must listen if you ant to become a judge. I started at the beginning and binged!

Also joining me is Bill Serowski from Das Hausbrauers Von Buffalo (www.TheHomebrewers.com) to talk about his BJCP exam.

About the guest: Jason Johnson and Dean Wiensch


These bios are from excerpts from Brewnology.com please follow this link to read the full bios

imageDean Wiensch

In September 2010 I took a trip with my wife to Milwaukee for the weekend.  Ended up  taking a tour of Miller Brewing, Sprecher Brewing, Lakefront Brewing and Milwaukee Brewing Co. I immediately began doing some research on what it takes to get into making my own homebrew as soon I got home that Sunday.  By the end of September I had 3 batches under my belt all made with a Mr. Beer kit I purchased from a local store.  By early October, I had purchased my first “Brewing Setup” consisting of a few 6 gallon pails, a hydrometer, auto-siphon, and other misc. equipment along with my first Brewers Best kit.  My first choice was not the best choice; an IPA kit.  It was not good.  In fact, downright awful.  I spent the next 6 months trying to improve. I would make batch after batch just trying to find out why everything was tasting similar and not that great.  I may have had misguided self indulgence grandeur of making the next best thing; sadly that still hasn’t happened.

Fast forward to 2012…. (The rest of the story is at Brewnology.com)

Jason Johnson

My journey in beer didn’t start with brewing, it started by being exposed to beers beyond the pale light lagers. My first real beer was Hacker-Pschorr Weisse in 1995, and I loved the flavor…but not the price. Then a friend said “I read somewhere you can brew your own. We should look into that.”, which we did. It looked complicated and involved ingredients I knew I couldn’t get locally, like hops and malt extract. Then in 1999 I made an offhand comment to my wife that I would like to brew my own beer someday, then that Christmas I got my first beer kit. Granted, I had to drive 40 minutes away to some obscure brewing supply section in the upstairs of a store that sold outdoor equipment. But that was it, I was hooked. Even though I could only brew a few times a year, I knew this was a hobby I was falling in love with.

Then in 2005…(The rest of the story is at Brewnology.com)

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