Community Beer Works’ own Andrew ‘Drew’ Hardin has been tapped by MyCity Brew to help with their final beer selection event, announcing that the veteran brewer will formulate and brew four test beer samples for their final selection event.

If you didn’t know, MyCity Brew want to brew the ultimate Buffalo beer and need your help. They are asking Buffalo beer fans to cast their vote for their favorite beer style, choosing from up to four options from a list that includes Lagers, Malt-Forward Ales, Hop-Forward Ales, Porters & Stouts, Sour/Wild Ales, Belgian/French Ales or German Ales.

Hardin admits that hbuffalo-beer-week-funnel_orige was intrigued by MCB’s unique approach after being introduced to the guys via a mutual friend.

“I was first introduced to the MCB guys through Dave Rivers at Kegworks,” Hardin explains. “He said he knew a couple of guys that had a concept to do a sort of crowd-sourced-style selection of what beers Buffalonians want to drink and then wanted to give the people what they want and produce said selected beer. I met with Jonah [Epstein] and had a discussion on what the format was. He told me that they would be doing a set of public polls via the Internet and social media to be followed by a ballot box-style campaign at local bars and retailers to get a full spectrum of votes and opinions on what style of beer should be brewed. This is where I came in.”

If you aren’t familiar with Hardin’s beer work then perhaps it’s time for a trip to Community Beer Works to sample his wares. He’s also been tasked to serve as a consultant for the forthcoming SATO Brewpub, opening soon in the Dun Building in the former Soundlab.

“They needed some help on the recipe development and technical brewing side of things,” he adds. “Being a brewer myself, the information the MCB crew has collected is very relevant to me. As with any business, market research is huge. I have spoken with a bunch of Buffalo’s beer drinkers at bars and watering holes all over the city but it’s really hard to take that collected info and have it right in front of your face. The MCB crew has done just that. This is a truly unique approach14212103_1772005459724884_2146381282921455689_n to the production and marketing of craft beer.”

Hardin also gave a little peak behind the curtain and offered a bit of detail of just exactly what he will be doing.

“I will be preparing four different variations of the final selected style of beer for their final selection event (date to be announced). Once the votes are in, the info is tallied and Buffalo’s choice is made, I will do my very best to use my skills as a professional brewer to create for the people of Buffalo and the MCB crew a beer that will be exactly what Buffalo’s beer drinkers want to imbibe.”

“After the MCB guys are happy with the recipe I will kindly hand my recipe over to them to produce where and when they see fit.”

You can vote for what you’d like to see brewed at www.mycitybrew.com. And just a heads up, Buffalo Beer Week is the final time you can cast your vote for the first round. Round 2 of voting begins October 3.

Brian Campbell is a co-founder/Brand Manager of the BNBA’s enthusiast arm, Buffalo Beer League, and writes the weekly Buffalo Beer Buzz column for The Public. He can be reached at buffalobeerleague@aol.com.