If you have ever walked into a brewery, like, say, Resurgence Brewing Company, peered up at the draft board and thought, ‘I wish I could brew my favorite style of beer and give it some wacky name filled with witty puns or obscure pop culture references,’ now is your chance, thanks to the 2020 Camp Good Days Online Auction, which seeks to raise funds for Camps Good Days & Special Times, whose mission it is to enrich and improve the lives of children dealing with cancer.

In order to raise funds for their worthy cause, Camp Good Days is currently running an online fundraising event, which runs now through August 4 (9pm). You can bid on a number of auction items, including gift cards, hotel stays, weekend getaways and more. You can also bid for the chance to work with the brewing team at Resurgence on a new beer of your choosing – you help draft the recipe, pick the style and select a name. Then you can have a release party and take home crowlers of the beer you helped brew. And to get all of this, all you have to do is donate to a great cause.

The current bid is at $3,000. You can also Buy It Now for $5,000.

“The winner of this auction wins the right to name a soon-to-be-brewed beer from Resurgence Brewing (final name decision subject to review). This beer will be featured among Resurgence Brewing’s top-selling popular beers such as Resurgence IPA and Sponge Candy Stout. Your newly named beer will live in infamy until the entire batch is drunk. In addition to the once in a lifetime opportunity to name a distributed beer whatever you want (after your dog, your favorite sports team, your wife?), you will meet with the brewer, choose the flavoring and will also receive a Host Your Own Beer Release Party for you and as many friends as you’d like to be the first to tap the keg of your awesome sauce. Receive a tour of the brewery for party guests with the brewer of Resurgence Brewing, discussing the process of what went into crafting your craft beer.”

“After your tour, your group will be featured in the celebration of launching your new beer in front of a packed house, along with being the first to taste your creation with 1 pint for each member of your party to enjoy responsibly. Finally, bring home 5 crowlers of your namesake along with a pair of glassware to enjoy your beer after the kickoff. Must be redeemed by July 2021.”

For more information on our services, please visit CampGoodDays.org. To view more items in Camp Good Days Online Auction, click here.

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