By definition, Baltic Porters are traditionally high in alcohol and robust in taste, a pair of descriptors perfect for 12 Gates Dissolution Oak-Aged Baltic Porter, a tasty 9.6% Baltic Porter aged one year on bourbon oak. Dissolution, now in its second year, will be released at Philosofest III on November 21 (4-11p).

The 2018 version of Dissolution opens with aromas of chocolate, vanilla, booze and cola before opening to bigger notes of vanilla, coconut, cocoa powder, booze, oak, faint dark fruit and subtle cola. It presents a pleasant, creamy mouthfeel with a sharp and snappy, booze-laden finish.

Dissolution Oak-Aged Baltic Porter will be available in 22oz. bottles during Philosofest III. Only 100 bottles will be available and are first-come, first-serve. Philosofest is free and open to the public.

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