TimberFish Technologies’ first commercial fish stocking event was held September 8 at their treatment/production system at the Five & 20 Spirits & Brewing facility at 8398 West Main Road (Route 20) in Westfield, New York. Three different species of fish were introduced into a unique aquatic ecosystem that produces its own feed from stillage and brewery wastes and washwaters.

The fish stocking event was attended by representatives from state, county and local governments and will initiate a major innovative advancement in seafood production that incorporates currently unused byproducts from beverage and food processing facilities. TimberFish will be utilizing a $100,000 grant from Empire State Development, and a $10,000 grant from Directed Energy to continue development of this project.

The current commercial facility at the site will serve to launch larger commercial installations throughout New York State. These can benefit economically depressed areas by creating well-paying jobs and a revitalization of local economies while preserving the aesthetics and biodiversity of the rural lifestyle. A single large commercial facility producing two to three million pounds of seafood per year would directly employ over 40 people and add over $15 million to a local economy.

About Timberfish Technologies

TimberFish Technologies develops innovative ecotechnologies for aquaculture
and agriculture, that address some of the key issues facing humanity in the 21st
century. These technologies will help restore the global ecology and assure the
futures’ food supply by economically producing local sustainable seafood from
renewable resources that are not otherwise used as a food source and are not
grown on agricultural land. For more information on the company see www.timberfishtech.com.