Resurgence Brewing Co. has collaborated with a Western New York institution in DiCamillo’s bakery to create the first of two beer releases, “Curly Loaf Italian Pilsner.” This pilsner is made with DiCamillo’s famous Ladder Bread, or “Scaletta” in Italian.

A second beer release, “Biscotti di Prato Milk Stout,” will follow in the coming weeks. The bakery has been serving the community for over 100 years.

“We’re extremely proud to partner with a brand in DiCamillo’s that has such a tremendous reputation in the community for quality. This is a nice opportunity for both Resurgence and DiCamillo’s to offer a product that we feel will highlight the best of both brands,” said Resurgence President Jeff Ware.

The release takes place at Resurgence (55 Chicago St.) on Saturday, November 14 at 12pm. Customers will be able to pick up 4-packs of the “Curly Loaf Italian Pilsner,” as well as loafs of bread from DiCamillo’s. A special dining menu featuring Curly Loaf Scaletta will be available in the taproom.

DiCamillo Bakery, founded in 1920, is renowned for its award-winning authentic biscotti, cookies, breads, cakes, singular packaging, and unique food-gifts. It continues to the present day through the dedication of the third-and fourth generations of the DiCamillo Family.