While Resurgence Brewing Company has released The Ryan Miller Mixed Pack, featuring Milz Pilz and 391 IPA, to celebrate the career and retirement of Buffalo goalie Ryan Miller, the Ryan Miller Mixed Pack Release Party will be held on Saturday, January 21, from 2-5 p.m.

Guests will get the opportunity to meet Ryan Miller and purchase four packs of The Ryan Miller Mixed Pack with a signed card and signed poster art.

“Buffalo athletes are always bigger than what they do on the ice or the field,” said Dan Robinson, director of sales at Resurgence. “Ryan’s immortalization into the rafters deserves to be honored in every way possible, and his work with his Steadfast Foundation should be supported. We are thrilled to work with Ryan to bring Milz Pilz and 391 IPA to life and give back in true Resurgence fashion.”

The Ryan Miller Mixed Pack features 391 IPA, a hazy and tropical IPA that celebrates Ryan Miller’s record 391 wins, and Milz Pilz, a pilsner with white grape and floral notes. A portion of the proceeds from the Ryan Miller Mixed Pack Release Party will be donated back to the Steadfast Foundation, an organization dedicated to assisting, inspiring, and empowering people living with disabilities by helping them to become more independent.

The Ryan Miller Mixed Pack is now available at Resurgence Brewing on Chicago Street, at Consumer’s Beverages, select Wegmans locations, and anywhere good beer is sold.

To learn more about Resurgence Brewing Company, visit Resurgencebrewing.com.