Following the judging of the entries submitted for the Erie County Fair Home Brew and Cider competitions, the Best of Show winners are:

Best of Show Cider – Patrick McPartland of Kenmore, NY 

In the Erie County Fair’s Home Hard Cider Making Competition, cider maker Patrick McPartland won “Best in Show Cider” with his “Hop Cider.” This was Patrick’s first time entering a cider competition, in fact, he actually was going to give up after the original batch wasn’t what he wanted, but his wife forced him to redo the batch. He chose this style as they are big fans of IPA beers and liked the style for cider. Patrick has begun working with the team at BlackBird Cider Works to professionally make his recipe that will be for sale during the Fair (while supplies last). A complete listing of cider winners is available at Cider Making Competition (

Best of Show Home Brew – Jesse Walters of Cheektowaga, NY

This year’s “Best of Show Beer” was created by Jesse Walters. A Dark Mild took top honors during the annual competition. Jesse has been brewing since 2014 and this winning entry was one of three he entered. He describes this style as “light in body and light in ABV,” and brewed this style as dark styles are getting more attention. A complete listing of winners is available at: Home Brew ( He is working with the brewers at Hamburg Brewing to professionally brew his recipe to be available at the Erie County Fair (while supplies last).

According to BJCP’s published style guidelines, the overall impression is a dark, low gravity, malt focused British session ale readily suited to drinking in quantity. Refreshing, yet flavorful for its strength.

Kegged product, based on the recipes, will be offered by Try-It Distributing to select Western New York establishments for public purchase prior to the Fair. During the Erie County Fair, on premise “beer gardens” will feature the award-winning beer and cider.

The Erie County Fair Home Brew and Cider competitions are sponsored by the Erie County Agricultural Society with support from Try-It Distributing, Hamburg Brewing Company and Black Bird Cider Works.

These competitions are just two of the thousands available to enter annually at the Erie County Fair. In 2022, over 12,000 entries are expected to be received and judged by the Fair’s Competitive Exhibits Office. The wide range of ribbon winning categories include agriculture, conservation and creative arts, among others. Classes and entry information are available online now at

About the Erie County Fair

The Erie County Agricultural Society is a private not-for-profit membership organization. Established in 1819, the Society is the oldest civic organization in Western New York. The mission of the Erie County Agricultural Society (ECAS), sponsors of the Erie County Fair, is to preserve and enhance, by educational endeavors, the agricultural and historical legacy of New York State. The Fair strives to fulfill appropriate aspects of the agricultural, educational, entertainment and recreational needs of Western New York.  The Erie County Fair will be held August 10 – 21, 2022 (