Pressure Drop Brewing is releasing a new beer, Lyam’s Lager, on Saturday, June 4 at 11am, at 1672 Elmwood Avenue. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to Oishei Children’s Hospital.

What You Need To Know:

  • The family of a previous patient of OCH approached Pressure Drop Brewing with this
  • A light lager was chosen as the style to appeal to all craft beer drinkers
  • The beer will also be available at bars, restaurants, and stores around the Buffalo area

This past February, Pressure Drop Brewing was contacted by Joe Frank with a unique opportunity – to brew a beer and donate a portion of the proceeds to Oishei Children’s Hospital. During the pandemic, a lot of the in-person fundraising events had to be canceled leaving the hospital without those donations.

Joe and Robyn Frank’s first-born son, Lyam, was born May 16, 2011. Lyam suffered from Volvulus and needed assistance from Children’s Hospital for his specialty of care. In appreciation for the care they received at Children’s, and in memory of Lyam, the Frank family knew they wanted to give back to the hospital in a unique way. That is where Lyam’s Lager comes from. It is a testament to the work and specialized care the doctors and nurses at Children’s provide. Especially the nurses who sacrificed personal time by staying with the family for almost 72 hours during their hospital stay.

“We are absolutely honored that the Frank’s chose our brewery to collaborate with to make this beer,” says CEO and Head Brewer, Karl Kolbe.

Pressure Drop would like to thank the following partners who helped make this possible:

Lyam’s Lager will be available on June 4 at Pressure Drop Brewing.