Ellicottville Brewing’s newest release, Horchata con Fleis, is a flavored cream ale brewed in collaboration with Falling Piano Brewery out of Mexico City. Inspired by the traditional Mexican beverage Horchata, this smooth cream ale is packed with vanilla, lactose, cinnamon, and corn flakes. With support of the Brewer’s Association “Together We Brew” initiative, EBC has joined a list of 7 US+MX partnerships emerging from the initiative.

“It was an amazing experience getting the opportunity to work with exceptional brewers in another country and culture. We were able to share ideas, procedures, great brews, and a mezcal too. After brewing Chilanga in late September, our friends at host Falling Piano invited us back to enjoy the fruits of our labor and sample the creation at the country’s largest beer extravaganza, Cerveza Mexico. Truly an amazing opportunity that we hope to be able to attend again,” said Dan Minner, head brewer of Ellicottville Brewing.


Falling Piano is two years old in Mexico City and continue to grow with people who like good craft beer. They like to brew innovative beer styles, much like Ellicottville Brewing, so this partnership just made sense.

“This beer was not in the plan as we were brewing Chilanga, however at the last minute, I proposed we make a small batch of a beer with horchata in it, and it was a huge success, people love it. It has become custom to our portfolio” said Fernando Rincon, founder of Falling Piano.

Horchata con Fleis is the second release in this collaboration series and will not be the last as the breweries plan to release a Mole Stout this winter. The first collaboration brew, Chilanga, a blueberry, hibiscus & agave ale, will be the house beer at Ellicottville Brewing’s new pub & bottle shop, Tap + Bottle and Taqueria, set to open this October in Ellicottville, NY.

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