Ellicottville Brewing’s newest release, Molé Stout, was brewed with a wide array of spices including cocoa, allspice, cumin, cloves, cinnamon, cardamom, and a variety of peppers, including Passilla, Guajillo, and Anchos. It is full bodied, pours a beautiful dark brown with a nice tan head, and is full of a complex medley of chocolate, spice, smoke, and a tiny bit of heat. The inspiration behind this brew comes from touring Mexico City while on a collaboration brew trip. The Ellicottville team was introduced to all things local and of Oaxaca origin, including a large variety of moles.

“As we saw the moles being created in a small market stall, we were enveloped by the smells of the rich spices, cocoa, and peppers that were being hand milled and mixed into the various varieties that are prevalent in traditional Mexican cuisine. Issac Arroche (Falling Piano brewer) described some of the processes he used in creating an award-winning mole stout beer, EL MAS CHINGON. Issac suggested that it might be a good idea for a future collaboration with Falling Piano, traveling to New York and brewing a Molé Stout at EBC,” says Dan Minner, head brewer of Ellicottville.

Unfortunately, the trip was not able to happen due to current times, but that did not stop the collaboration. The Ellicottville team brewed pilot batches and went back and forth with Issac of Falling Piano to bring you this long-distance collaboration. The beer is based off Issac’s delicious stout that won Gold at Cerveza Mexico, the country’s biggest craft brewfest and competition.

Ellicottville Brewing’s Molé Stout is now available in 16oz. cans and in limited quantities. This is the third release in the collaborations series with Falling Piano and certainly will not be the last. You will find EL MAS CHINGON on the side of the can, which pays homage to Issac’s award winning entry and in Mexico City means “the most awesome.”

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