Community Beer Works, LLC (CBW) has agreed to a deal in principle to acquire Thin Man Brewery of Buffalo, LLC (Thin Man), taking the art of brewing to new heights in Buffalo. CBW is set to acquire the brand rights and brewery assets of Thin Man, pending regulatory approval. The undisclosed investment encompasses the Thin Man brand rights, recipes, distribution rights, and the capital assets at 166 Chandler Street.

CBW is set to continue brewing, marketing, and distributing CBW and Thin Man beers.

This collaboration couldn’t have come at a better time for both breweries. CBW, riding the wave of increasing demand for its exceptional beers, has been actively exploring ways to boost its brewing capacity. Simultaneously,
Thin Man co-owner Bridget Termini is gearing up for a well-deserved retirement. A deal was born, “For more than
a year, we have been searching for someone who can carry on the creativity and quality of Thin Man Brewery.
We have finally found that match with CBW.”

Upon final regulatory approval, brewing production will be split between CBW’s existing facilities at
520 7th Street and the former Thin Man brewhouse at 166 Chandler Street. Thin Man at 492 Elmwood Avenue,
which closed its doors in July, will remain closed and is not part of the sale.

With this strategic move, CBW gains more than just recipes and equipment. The investment in Thin Man opens up
a 16-state distribution channel, boosts brewing capacity to six times the current barrel volume and provides
resources for forging new contract brewing relationships and establishing a community brewing center.

CBW Co-Founder Chris Smith expresses the broader vision behind the acquisition “It’s a step forward in our
commitment to delivering world-class beer experiences to the people of Buffalo and beyond.,” explains Smith.
“Thin Man has gained international recognition and respect for their beer, and we are honored to carry their legacy forward.”

Beyond the local impact, the acquisition provides Community Beer Works with the resources and expertise
to scale operations, ensuring that both CBW and Thin Man will continue to brew exceptional beer that competes
globally. This means more innovation, variety, and a better beer-drinking experience for our friends and neighbors.

Paul Vukelic, President of Try-It Distributing said, “Community Beer Works and Thin Man Brewery are known
for their high-quality beer, and this exciting acquisition brings two of our valued local partners together.
We look forward to working with them to bring their great beers to market for years to come!”

“There’s much to decide, plan, and execute over the next few months, and we’re excited to share those plans as they
evolve… we’re on the cusp of something truly special here in Buffalo, let’s have a beer and celebrate!” says Smith.