Big Ditch Brewing, one of New York State’s largest craft breweries, has opened a 40-barrel production brewery in downtown Buffalo. The new production-only brewery will more than double its existing production capacity enabling Big Ditch to innovate more craft beers and expand distribution of Big Ditch beer across New York State.

Big Ditch is also announcing that Hayburner American IPA, one of Western New York’s best-selling craft beers, will now also be sold in 12-pack packages.

The new 40-barrel brewhouse, located at 101 Oak Street, is double the size of Big Ditch’s 20-barrel brewhouse, located at 55 East Huron Street, just a few blocks away. Big Ditch has hired seven additional brewers for the operation of the new brewery. The new production brewery will be responsible for brewing and packaging all of the beer Big Ditch sells in 12-ounce cans. This includes larger format 12-packs, which offers its consumers a value option in addition to the 6-packs it currently sells. The increased production capacity will also allow Big Ditch to expand distribution further into Central New York and soon to the Capital Region.

Matt Kahn, president and co-founder of Big Ditch, believes that’s just the beginning for Big Ditch.

“For years, our customers have been asking us to sell our beer outside of New York State,” Kahn stated. “We’re almost ready to make that happen!”

The 55 East Huron St. brewhouse will remain operational, transitioning to an Innovation Brewery focusing on specialty and experimental beers.

“Innovation is paramount for success in the craft beer industry,” Kahn added. “The opening of the new production brewery will free up capacity at our current brewery for innovation while allowing us to keep pace with demand for our signature and seasonal beers.”

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