Big Ditch Brewing Company, winner of the Best Craft Brewery in New York State at the TAP New York Festival in Hudson Valley in 2016, today announced that its beer will
be distributed in the Rochester area market, beginning on May 18th. The name of the brewery pays homage to the Erie Canal, nicknamed the ‘Big Ditch’ during construction.

“We are thrilled to announce that we’re bringing our products to Rochester, New York, and with great timing, since 2017 marks the bicentennial anniversary of the Erie Canal – a waterway that influences every beer we brew and one that has had an immense impact in Buffalo, Rochester, and so many other cities,” said Matt Kahn, president of Big Ditch Brewing Company. “We pride ourselves on brewing innovative, flavorful, drinkable, and very fresh beer for Western New Yorkers, and can’t wait to introduce Rochesterians to Big Ditch, while we together toast the Erie Canal.”

The Big Ditch products that will be served throughout Rochester are representative of Erie Canal themes:

Hayburner American IPA – “Hayburners” were the workhorses used during canal
construction. One of Buffalo’s most popular and best-selling craft beers, Hayburner is a luscious and citrusy IPA with primary notes of orange, melon and grapefruit, and a slightly earthy finish. It packs a firm bitterness but remains balanced by abundant late hop additions and a soft and airy malt base.

Low Bridge Golden Ale – The famous song “Low Bridge, Everybody Down” was written by Thomas S. Allen in 1905. This bright, slightly fruity, and very hoppy golden ale features old-world American and German hops. Low Bridge has impressive depth of flavor, yet is also extremely drinkable and will always serve you well, whether savoring it with a fine meal or while visiting from a far away town.

Excavator Rye Brown Ale – “Excavators” were the people who built the canal by shoveling the waterway. Excavator incorporates seven different malts to achieve a rich, yet smooth flavor and balance. It is highlighted by judicious amounts of chocolate malt, with a subtle, spicy finish from the use of flaked rye.

Deep Cut Double IPA – The final obstacle in constructing the Erie Canal
was leveling a 7-mile “Deep Cut” section of the canal 40 feet deep – by hand – between
Lockport, NY and Lake Erie. Deep Cut is Big Ditch’s most ambitious beer to date. It’s layered with citrus, tropical punch, and wild berry hop flavor, with moderate bitterness and a dry finish. The beer won a gold medal for Best Strong IPA in New York State at the TAP New York Festival in 2017.

Big Ditch’s entry into the Rochester market follows significant expansion of the brewery’s
Buffalo production facility, taproom and beer hall in 2016, as well as the addition of a canning line. The beer will be poured on draft in Rochester bars and restaurants and sold in 12-ounce cans in supermarkets, retail outlets and convenience stores. Big Ditch Brewing Company partnered with Lake Beverage Corporation to distribute its product throughout Monroe, Wayne, Ontario, Livingston and Yates counties.

Big Ditch Brewing Company was founded in 2013 by local residents Matt Kahn, Corey Catalano, Wes Froebel and Paul Iskalo. The brewery name pays homage to the Erie Canal, which was nicknamed “Big Ditch” during its early construction. The Erie Canal started as an idea, but ultimately served as the catalyst for the City of Buffalo’s rapid growth into one of the largest cities in North America by the early 1900s. The founders of Big Ditch hope that the return of brewing to the City of Buffalo will similarly contribute to the region’s continued revival as well as its proud brewing tradition.

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