This Saturday, 42 North Brewing is releasing their first heavily fruited gose with a peach and mango combination in “Gose To Show”. The 16oz cans will be available at the brewery’s 42GO Drive-Thru starting this Saturday at Noon and everywhere else starting next week. This also marks the first can release available for pre-order on the brewery’s new online store, The Outpost 42N (

The peach & mango gose is packed with real fruit and serves as a refreshing reminder that spring is right around the corner. ​Pouring a brilliant golden orange, this new gose is dosed with tons of fresh peach and mango. The tall can will satisfy those fruity and tart cravings we get when spring starts to sneak in these warmer days!

“We’re excited to get people in the mood for spring beers with this super fruity gose. We’’ll have both the Halt! Who Gose There? raspberry and blackberry gose available to bring people into that warmer mindset,” says Production Manager Hannah Trujillo.

Gose To Show will be available for $15.99 a 4-pack. Consumer’s Beverages, grocers and independent bottles shops will have the beer starting next week.

The brewery has also launched The Outpost 42N, which will give fans the ability to pre-order new can releases and get beer shipped directly to them. The website is live at​. New releases will be available for pre-order purchase and release day pick-up at the brewery saving time and making sure that you can get your hands on the newest 42 North releases. Pre-order for each release will be available until the brewery opens on the day of the can release.

“With our recent success with can releases during these strange times, we’re excited to be able to give our fans a peace of mind by being able to reserve our newest brews while also limiting contact with customers through the traditional form of transaction,” says 42 North Brand Manager Zachary Keller.

42 North fans from around New York State as well as from Ohio, Vermont & New Hampshire will have the ability to order beer online and have the beer shipped directly to them. The minimum order is 2 4-packs or bottles and the maximum is one case, six 4-packs or 12 barrel-aged bottles per order.

Learn more about pre-order and shipping options at