It’s Genesee for ’23! We’re opening our beer polls to the Genny-loving public because we want YOU to choose the next Genesee Specialty beer! This is no light task. This beer will stand beside modern favorites like Ruby Red Kolsch, Spring Bock, Cran Orange Kellerbier and other full-flavored beers. Be a part of Genesee’s history, shaping our beers for future generations, by voting for the next Specialty!

There are four candidates on the beer ballot, and the polls are open from February 17th to March 31st. The candidate with the most votes wins and will be released in the winter of this year. So, what’s it gonna be?


A light and refreshing ale with hints of warm cinnamon and sweet pear promises to delight no matter the fickle weather of winter.


An ale that will deliver bright flavors of citrus fruits like orange, blood orange, lemon, lime, and tangerine to the forefront of a smooth ale base, bringing about thoughts of summer and wishes for winter in an in-between season.


This beer pledges to bring together a bevy of berries in an ale like no other. Light, refreshing notes of raspberry, strawberry, blueberry, and elderberry reach across the ale aisle to work with pale malts and subtle hop notes.


The subtle, yet instantly recognizable flavor of apple in ale is ready to be picked. This beer aims to deliver a balanced drinking experience that will have you coming back for more season long.

You can cast your vote here!