Ready or not, here they come! Genesee is bringing on the fall vibes early this year with the return of two specialty beers: Oktoberfest and Cran Orange Kellerbier! Both beers will be on retail shelves next week.

“There has been an ongoing debate for years about when we should release our fall beers,” said Tiffany Benning, brand manager for Genesee. “So, we decided that it’s time to let the fans have the floor. We want to hear if people are ready or not!”

Fans can message Genesee directly on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram @geneseebrewery or use #gennyfallrant to weigh in on this debate. Let it fly or give the brand props! All rants, good or bad, are welcome here. Some rants might even be featured on Genesee’s social channels.

“As soon as we get that first cool day, I know Genny drinkers will be eager to reach for a can of Oktoberfest or Cran Orange Kellerbier,” said Benning. “I also know that some fans aren’t above cracking one of these when it’s 80-degrees outside. Who are we to judge? Either way, it’s the perfect way to get excited for fall!”

  • Oktoberfest: Genesee Oktoberfest is a recipe inspired by centuries of brewing and Genesee’s proud German heritage. Oktoberfest is a deep-golden lager, big on malt flavor and complimented by subtle herbal notes of noble hops.
  • Cran Orange Kellerbier: Kellerbier literally means “cellar beer” because it referred to any beer being aged under the brewery and served straight from the lagering vessel. First introduced in 2021, Genesee Cran Orange Kellerbier is brewed with both Genesee’s German heritage and the beer’s history in mind, but with a modern twist: the addition of natural cranberry and orange flavors. The result is a bright, refreshing lager with a perfect addition of cranberry and orange flavors to complement a light malt body.

Both beers will be available in NY, OH, PA, NJ, VT, FL, KS, MA, MD, NC, and VA.

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