It’s Buffalo vs. New England. Even though Tom Brady has fled the AFC East for sunnier and more tax free pastures, we are still haunted by his ghost, so it will always be Buffalo versus New England. As the Buffalo Bills lay everything on the line against the New England Patriots during Wild Card Weekend, so too is Thin Man Brewery, who are taking the heated Northeast rivalry from the gridiron to the brewhouse, with their sights set squarely on Woburn, Massachusetts own Lord Hobo.

The two breweries have hung a wager on Saturday night’s Bills-Pats playoff game, one that comes with a number of consequences.

Not only will the losing brewery be forced travel to the winner’s city to brew a collaboration beer and foot the bill for ample amounts of local food and beer, the winner’s jersey must be displayed in the loser’s taproom prominently for the entire next season. It can’t be hung in the backroom, basement or ‘urinal,’ as Thin Man puts it.

“Regardless of who wins, you can count on a tasty collaboration brew in the near future! Who’s your pick?!” Thin Man said in a post on Facebook.

If you’re drinking beer from either brewery this weekend, be sure to use #lordhobovsthinman on social media to show your support not only your hometown beer, but your hometown team as well. Go Bills.

The Bills will host the Patriots at 8:15 p.m. Saturday.

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