After just over three months in business, Western New York’s newest brewery, Ellicottville’s Steelbound Brewery & Distillery, is set to make their debut in the canned beer game this weekend, and will put their best foot forward with a pair of IPA’s, Subabrew Double Dry-Hopped New England IPA and Alpha Ralpha Double Dry-Hopped IPA. The cans will go on sale at the brewery on August 25, starting at 10am. Plans also call for limited distribution in the near future.

Subabrew, one of our favorite beers from this summer’s Buffalo Brewers Festival, features juicy notes of berry and fruit punch, and Alpha Ralpha, brewed with Cascade, Citra, and Mandarina Bavaria hops, features floral notes of tangerine and citrus. The beer will be released in four packs of 16oz. cans at $16 each. There are no limits for purchase.

Steelbound Sales Manager Todd Harmon says that it was pretty much a no-brainer when it came to choosing what to beers they canned first, adding that cans provide another way to get their beer in the hands of consumers. “Obviously IPA’s do very well in the market, these two do very well for us in our taproom and at outside accounts,” Harmon says.

“The canned beer revolution has been growing like crazy since 2007. Cans give us the ability to get in to retail shops. Cans are great for outside consumption, like parks, picnics, golfing, boating, camping, etc. We still offer growler fills of all of our beer in our taproom, but cans are just another great way to get beer to our customers.”

Harmon says that the brewery are planning another can release in the next few months, but isn’t sure of what beer that will be. And even though Steelbound is now throwing their hat into the canned beer ring, representing yet another option when it comes to craft beer in the marketplace, they believe that there is plenty of room for good beer in the Buffalo beer scene.

“I believe there will always be room for good beer in the market. The key is to produce quality liquid and sell it while it’s fresh.”

For the release, the first five people to purchase cans receive free glassware. There will also be other merchandise, stickers and additional glassware available at the release. For more information, please visit

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