Add another name to the [thankfully] continuously growing list of future Western New York breweries – Shalooby Loofer Brewing, who have announced plans to open at 10737 Main Street in Clarence sometime next year.

Tentative plans for the brewery to convert a 3-car garage at the location into a brewery and tasting room equipped with a Ruby Pro 1 BBL Electric Brew House.

“We finally are in our building and starting the SLOOOOWWW process of getting permits, licenses, approvals and a bunch of other red-tape hurdles,” the brewery said in a recent blog post. “We have rented the house and will be converting the 3-car garage into the brewery and tasting room. Looking forward to seeing you there!”

And the name? That comes from the nicknames of owner/brewer Eon Verrall’s daughters, Madison (Shalooby) and Maggie (Loofer). Verrall says that he initially was looking to open something on a much, much smaller scale, but decided to ‘go big or go home.’

“I have been dreaming about owning a brewery or restaurant for a long time,” another blog post reads. “Maybe it was the relentless winter, maybe it was discontent or maybe it was seeing my two daughters start to spread their wings; something got me to take action on this dream this spring. The initial plan was to buy a small nano-brewing system (1/2 barrel) and begin brewing in my basement before going commercial. Well, as the saying goes, go big or go home.”

They have also launched the Founder Guild for those looking to help get the fledgling brewery off the ground. You can get more info and join here. You can also email if you are interested in joining.

“Do you want to be part of something cool?” the brewery says of the Founders Guild. “Help us out by becoming a member of the Founders Guild. We are looking for 100 people passionate about cool local beer and willing to donate $200 to help us pay for our first pilot brewing system. Members of the Founders Guild will receive a complementary one-of-a-kind Founders Guild cap along with their name on a plaque in the brewery and a card for 50% off their first 20 pints.”

Stay tuned to for more information and updates.

***Photos courtesy of Shalooby Loofer Brewing

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