Jon Snow, Cersei Lannister, Daenerys Targaryen…after eight long years we will finally find out who will sit on the Iron Throne and rule the Seven Kingdoms as Game of Thrones is set to air its final episode this Sunday night. Lewiston’s Brickyard Brewing are looking to enhance all of our viewing experiences with the release of Don’t Make Me Add You To The List, a beer as wacky and wild as the hit show has been for the better part of the last decade.

Brewed with loads of Galaxy hops and then triple dry-hopped with Galaxy, Nelson and Vic Secret, Don’t Make Me Add You To The List New England IPA is like a ‘bomb of white peach, pineapple, and sticky fruity resin,’ according to Head Brewer John Paul Metter. The beer is naturally colored bright green and dosed with edible glitter. The beer is “named for everyone’s favorite faceless girl hell bent on revenge (aka Arya Stark) and inspired by burning ships and exploding septs,” the brewery adds.

Limit is two crowlers per person ($13 each or two for $25) and there is very limited availability. Crowler release takes place Saturday at 11am with limited draft hitting taps beginning Friday at 4pm.

Meeter says that he brewed Don’t Make Me Add You To The List to resemble wildfire, a highly flammable and explosive liquid that burns green, which Tyrion Lannister used to destroy Stannis Baratheon’s fleet at the Battle of the Blackwater during the War of the Five Kings at King’s Landing (yes, I am admittedly a massive fan of the show).

“Everyone was talking about it – at work, at the bar, in the kitchen,” Meeter says. “It’s hard to deny the cultural impact that show has had (as terrible as it can be at time). And I figured it would be fun to make a beer that looked like Wildfire. That scene with Cersei and the Sept was pure evil, and I loved it.”

For more info, visit The final episode of Game of Thrones airs this Sunday at 9pm on HBO.

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