Sad Boys Brewing has announced plans to open up shop in Larkin at 567 Exchange St. The project is the brainchild of four homebrewers, John O’Neill, Tyler Randle, Collin Edbauer and Andrew Anderson.

Edbauer says that the brewery is focused on a mix of traditional and contemporary beer styles, balancing flagship lagers and ales with new world adjuncted versions.

“Currently, our preferences are a mix of traditional and newer,” Edbauer said on Facebook. “We love traditional beer and we express that in our Oktoberfest, kolsch and pale ale, while branching out with new creations like our Loganberry IPA and Peppermint Patty Stout. We’re trying to create a new and fiery approach to craft beers and I take a lot of time and trial and error mixing ideas from a broad range of beer styles. Good example is our Loganberry IPA, which uses a traditional Ukrainian style IPA recipe and we mix that with conventional west coast style hops and the local loganberry flavor. We can’t wait to see you.”

The space includes 1,200 square feet for indoor and outdoor seating, with an option to expand to 3,000 square feet.

The brewery is currently looking at several potential operators to run their taproom kitchen.

While an opening date is tentative, plans call for a six to seven month build out.

The Larkin neighborhood continues to grow as a destination for craft beer fans. Sad Boys Brewing will join Flying Bison Brewing (840 Seneca St.), Hydraulic Hearth (716 Swan St.), Belt Line Brewery 545 Swan St.) and Buffalo Brewing Company (314 Myrtle St.) in the area. Magic Bear Beer Cellar (799 Seneca St.) just recently opened, and Buffalo Distilling Company (860 Seneca St.) also operates in the area. And more destinations are potentially coming as Briar Brothers Brewing Co. has announced a future brewery and taproom at the former Buffalo Malting Cos. silo complex at 50 Elk St.

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